Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Continental Gatorskin Tire Review - Sidewall Failure again


Here's my Amazon review. I keep a daily journal of my miles, times etc, and so I was able to look back and see when I replaced this tire. It was approx. 2,800 miles ago last summer. Now 3K miles isn't bad but when I look at the tread it would appear to me that there is plenty left. And at $50 ea. I'd prefer that these tires lasted longer.

Anyway the shop recommended a Panaracer so that's what I bought. I have a cycling friend who recommends Armadillo's from Specialized so when the front tire wears out, I'll get one of those. I've tried Schwalabe's and they are very very heavy and with my fenders I don't have clearance. I could replace the fenders and then mount them with more space and I will eventually do that, and then I may go for the heaviest tires. We'll see.