Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So much for riding in January!

Well maybe I can ride tomorrow after it finishes melting all this stuff off the trail.
(photo from a friend of mine, who walked this portion of the ride using ice creepers on his shoes and studded tires on his bike.)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 New Year's Resolutions

Looking back at 2011 I did at least ride more than the year before, which was one of my resolutions. In 2010, I rode 141 times to just crest 4K miles commuting. In 2011, I had an accident in February ripping my glove and my hand. That plus a vacation and I didn't ride at all that month so I figured it was already over. But by just keeping at it, I managed to ride 166 times in 2011, which is 5.2K miles. It's not exact as I'm not using a GPS or cycle computer and there is some variance in my daily commute so I don't get bored but it's close enough.

In 2012, I'm shooting for 6K miles. It may not be achievable. I have a lot on my plate in 2012 but it's good to have goals, and it is possible with even riding every day. And riding every work day is impossible for me.

I also resolve to remember that each day is a gift and not to be tossed away lightly. One never knows what's coming next. To that end I will continue to spread cheer to everyone I meet. Because the more joy you spread around the better you feel.

Anyway see you out there on the road! Ride safe!