Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall colors ride

Well with the wonderful Fall weather we have been having I brought my camera along to take a few photos to show "the folks at home" what a wonderful daily commute ride I have.

This is the I-90 bridge with Seattle missing in the morning fog.

This is Lake Union with Freemont missing in the morning fog

Another view of Lake Union and the fog.

A really pretty tree on Mercer Island on the way in.

With the time change I now ride home in full dark. I've got the brightest lights on the road on a bicycle. Tonight we've got a full moon and the city of Bellevue off to the left. It's a bit blurry as I didn't bring my tripod. Oh well. The bike path is along the roadway just to the left of the headlights of the oncoming traffic. We have a jersey barrier between us, so no worries.

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