Monday, October 31, 2011

Attack Cat!

About two weeks ago I was riding across the I-90 trail on Mercer Island when an approaching bicyclist yelled "Attack Cat"... I was majorly confused until I rounded the corner and this huge White cat jumped out of the bushes at me!

Since that time I've been carrying my camera and tonight it was out on the prowl again. I don't have a great attack video but he was thinking about his prey for the night. You can just tell from this video.

Hiding in the bushes!

That jogger was almost dead meat!

Afterwards when I didn't have my camera out another cyclist came by and I warned him and the cat did jump and he did swerve to miss it, but the cat was brushed by the back tire and ran back into the bushes. I went and looked and he was no where to be found, so that may be the last attack on bicyclists for a while until he has a new place to jump from.

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