Thursday, June 22, 2017

I've Moved! I'm now in San Diego! Home of the endless summer!

Well until this last winter! Hahahaha! Wettest on record! End of a 5 year drought! But my SO got sick and tired of the rain and the gray of Seattle and so I got a new job and we packed up and left. So far it's been great! And before I moved here I had a dream that my commute would involve riding along the coast. That was before I found the job, or the house. So here are some photos from my new ride.
Along the coast in Solana Beach
Just above the beach at La Jolla
The bike trail along the freeway. I get to ride about 4 miles of this trail. Eventually it's much closer to the road.
The view from my office
The desert along the route home.
A riding stable alongside the trail on the way home.
Back along DelMar at sunset
The last view of the ocean on my way up the hill towards home.

This is one truly beautiful ride. It's not as "bike safe" as my commutes in Seattle. It's a lot longer, 22 miles vs the previous 16. There is generally a headwind both ways!!!! It's a long climb to the office, but the route I take has no really steep hills. There is an alternative route with steep hills that is shorter but because of the hills it takes just as long. There is a much shorter route to work, but 3 miles of it are so bike unfriendly that I won't ride it.

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