Monday, March 10, 2014

Green Laser!

My new favorite gizmo is yet another light. I have some of the worlds best lights already from I spent a small fortune on them with the theory that it's still cheaper than being hit by a car. And that I ride in thick traffic in the city so I need lights that stand out.
Then I spotted this kickstarter project.
and I had to have one... well now it's two years later and they finally shipped. And it's nearly everything they said it would be. The team at have been working like crazy to make it perfect.
I can attest that with that new light I make folks move out of my way on the sidewalk. The light runs up the sidewalk in front of them as I approach from behind. I alert cars when I underpass them when they are stuck at a light then the light changes and I'm still moving. The drivers of the cars spot the green image in front of their car and give me time to either pass, or more room before they turn into me. (giving me time to slow and avoid them.) It also seems to help with cars at cross streets as it lights up the intersection before I get there.
The battery lasts about 6 to 8 hours before I have been recharging. It's not totally depleted but I have a two and a 1/2 hour commute so I want a full charge in case I need it both ways.

The white light is my Dinotte 880L on full to show how bright the green laser is. For perspective, the laser image is about 5 to 6 meters in front of my bike. As you can see I've got the bright white light aimed just in front of me to not blind on coming drivers & riders and to illuminate any potholes.
I've ridden with it in pouring rain and the case is watertight.
If you commute in the dark check it out. It's a quality product that may just save your life.

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