Monday, March 11, 2013

New Amazon Jersey!

A long time ago I contracted with Vintage Velos to make some custom jerseys for my then employer I no longer work there, a long story not to be repeated here, but I still had this project going. Well the short sleeve jerseys are finally done and I think they look great! It took almost two years to do the full project from the time I first did designs on paper, ran a focus group, came up with 5 key designs, ran a survey monkey, contacted the manufacturer on what is actually possible, took the orders, got clearance from Amazon's logo lawyers and then got them manufactured. The manufacturing was quite the life story as well, with the father of the key person dying in the middle of this, the husband of the person doing the chain stitching having an accident then dying, the custom wool, moving the manufacturing from China to Italy to acquiring the jerseys to distributing them.

Was it worth it? I think so. Will I do it again? Well this time I'd know more about matching a vertical stripe to a raglan sleeve (don't do it! even though mine came out ok.) To no chain stitching on the side panels as the knit runs the wrong way and it bunches up.

Key details to notice if you decide to do your own custom jersey. The side panels and the neck trim are black! Yes your sweat won't show as much. Although you will have white salt streaks after a lot of wearing and no washing. Next, no elastic in the hem. Elastic always dies and sewing in a new piece is a pain because you have to cut the fabric or unroll the hem to get at it and it's a mess, trust me I've done it on other clothing and it was almost not worth the trouble. Regal sleeves, I'd do set in sleeves next time, easier to match up stripes etc. No one expects the stripe to run up under the whole sleeve as well as up the side. Also, maybe next time a logo on the top of the shoulders on the back, or a small one on the middle pocket. Both of them are places of wear if you wear a backpack or a messenger bag but the back feels a bit blank when you are standing around. Of course while riding no one can read those logos.

Meantime I'm pretty sure everyone who gets one of these will be happy as there is nothing else like it out there.

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  1. Oh yeah, I didn't do all of this alone. My good friend James did the final art, and the art for the survey monkey and someone else helped set up a survey monkey that got results that meant something vs my hackney job at it.

    So I am grateful to all the help I got along the way.