Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bicycle hit by car

A friend of mine took this video with his new helmet cam. I've been thinking about getting one, mostly to show folks what a beautiful commute I have. But it would also be good in the case of an accident proving who was where instead of "he said.. she said"

Bike & Car Accident, Mercer Street & East Lake Seattle WA

Anyway at first glance you may wonder who was in the right, but if watch carefully, you'll see that the walk sign switches to all clear for the cyclist. You may also notice that the cyclist is wearing earbuds. That's not legal either, and IMO, dumb. I'm hoping I would have been watching to the right and not cut in front of a moving car. And I would have been going slow through those cars in the cross walk as I would have expected them to try and move forward to get out of the crosswalk. Not that any of them should have been there in the first place.

Still miraculous that no one was hurt seriously.

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