Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dinotte Customer Service Rocks!

Well last week my Dinotte 400R tail light control button failed. It essentially locked into "full on" and no amount of battery connecting, hitting the switch, holding down the switch would change that. So I called the customer service number for Dinotte Lights and Rob answered. He suggested that it might be that the wires were in the way, or some dirt was in the switch. So I got out my trusty #0 Phillips screwdriver and carefully unscrewed the face plate. Looked, hit the switch a zillion times all to no effect. Called Rob back, he said send it in. I did via USPS and on Wednesday night I got it back fully working no charge!

Now compare that to one of the worlds worst customer service organizations. I had a NiteRider headlamp that quit working. I called them, nothing, please send it in with a $30 check. Ok, I did that, the battery had failed, $80 more please. Sent it in, got the new battery. Six months later again failure, sent it in again with another $30 service fee, bad charger. Now I've owned a ton of cell phones, laptops, cameras all with rechargers and not one has had a charger failure. But ok, in for a penny in for a pound, sent another $80 for the charger. Six months later it's again dead, but this time I'm pretty sure it's the battery and I'm totally done with them. Not a single more dime will I send to NiteRider. Dinotte charges a reasonable fee for new batteries, $50 (4 cell) and their lights are brighter, last longer on a charge and don't conk out every 6 months.

Now I don't mind paying for shipping, but we are talking $11 for a USPS any weight medium sized box. I don't mind paying for replacement batteries, but $20 to plug the battery into a charge testing device to tell me it's bad? That's ridiculous and the turn around each time was a month, not a 1/2 a week.

Besides I commute and lights are life itself. It's worth it to have the best.

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