Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Ride into work... photos

This is the road leaving my neighborhood.

This is Mark, I only know him because we pass each other nearly every day. So one day I turned around and chased him down to say "hi."

I ride a bit of busy road next to the freeway. It's a long slog back up this hill, but going to work, I can nearly keep up with traffic. Only downside is that at the bottom of the hill is a light, and you almost never ever make this light.

This little bit of bike trail runs between two freeways, I-405 & I-90. It's noisy with traffic but visually quiet.

This is the bike trail on the I-90 bridge. It's very pretty but in the rain traffic kicks up a lot of spray. Going home, into the spray can be nasty. Today however it's great.

At the Western end of the bridge looking North along the Seattle shoreline. Sure is pretty. Makes me want to not go to work, and instead just hook a right and ride along the shore.

Here is a road on the top of Capital Hill. They named it "Capital Hill" in a vain attempt to get the state Capital. The name stuck but the capital is in Olympia. As you can see it's a quiet neighborhood street.

This hill I have to climb to get up and over the top of Capital hill. Climbing these cobblestones makes me thing of the Paris-Roube race, but of course I have only one block of this. It does shake my bike up pretty good though.

Coming back down the hill through Capital Hill there are all these funky stores. Just a random one that I saw on the way in today.

On the way home, I take a different route and go through/behind downtown. This is first Ave. I ride about 3 blocks of this stuff. No bike lanes but cars are pretty considerate of the riders.

This is behind Pike Place Market. It's a beautiful view park full of nere-do-wells. So I rarely hangout here. But as you can see it's popular, just not with the working folk.
Looking SouthWest on Lake Washington. You can just see some bits of Mt. Rainer poking out behind the clouds. Maybe on Friday it will be out in it's full glory.

Going home, this is looking North East on Lake Washington from the bridge tunnel. You can see the boats out sailing. Today I wish that was me.

A photo of me in my bike gear. My wife says that it's not a very good photo but its the only one I have of me while out riding. So it will have to do. Notice, lots of lights and the dorky but highly visible vest.

Still a great day to commute via bicycle.

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